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Branding (Logo and Artwork)

Branding is the quiet, less intrusive cousin of marketing. Where marketing is all about the ‘push’, branding is more about the ‘pull’. Where marketing returns are measurable, the returns from branding are unquantifiable. However, branding has one distinct advantage – it markets products and services passively. Name and symbol recognition instils trust (or distrust, if handled poorly). Cigarette, liquor and fashion companies are the greatest examples of the power of branding. It creates loyalty, and the impact lasts long after exposure.

Now, small businesses are obviously in a different and much lower league. However, branding can still create a mental resonance with potential customers and impact sales. The key to achieving this is, obviously, by being recognized. This is where logo, banners and artwork come into play. The human brain reacts, recognises and memorises images and shapes much faster than texts. Relevant and memorable logos will instantly sear themselves into the minds of potential customers.

At, we create original logos that not only will look great on your stationary and signage, but are also instantly memorable. Our high definition logos are printer-ready, and the soft copies can be used by printers to print business cards, brochures or promotional materials.

Depending on your website, business and products, we also create banners, animated GIFs and other artwork to complement your logo. We will aim to create memorable social media content that ties in with your logo, and enhances your brand recognition. Piggybacking on thought leaders and viral contents are also great strategies to put your logo to a greater audience.

Our branding strategy is obviously not limited to image recognition. However, this is a great (and cheap) first step for new and up-and-coming companies. As a company grows larger, we will advocate more refined branding strategies that will take your company forward.