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Introducing Add-on RSS Feeds

Published on 2nd March, 2016 by Stephen Lewis

A little treat for all you add-on addicts out there: each of my add-ons now has its own changelog RSS feed.

Just point your preferred RSS reader to http://experienceinternet.co.uk/software/feeds/{addon_name}/, and you’re done.

For example, the RSS changelog feed for Campaigner is at http://experienceinternet.co.uk/software/feeds/campaigner.

Group hug

This is moderately handy in its own right, but was primarily motivated by my decision to add NSM Addon Updater support to all of my add-ons.

OmniLog 1.5.0 was first to benefit from my new-found desire to play nicely with others. My other add-ons will follow suit as and when I release a new version.

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