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SL Combinator

Speed up your website by combining and compressing JavaScript or CSS files on-the-fly.

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SL Combinator speeds up your website by automatically combining and compressing the JavaScript or CSS files of your choosing, resulting in smaller file sizes, and fewer HTTP requests.

SL Combinator saves previously combined and compressed files for later use, and is smart enough to check for an up-to-date cache file before deciding to create a new one.

What’s the big deal?

Best practise dictates that we combine and compress JavaScript and CSS files wherever possible, to reduce HTTP requests and download times.

Unfortunately, minified JavaScript and CSS is no good when you’re actually writing and testing code, so you end up with multiple uncompressed files for development, and separate combined and compressed files for the live site.

Every time you update your code, you have to manually re-combine and re-compress the source files for use on the live site, making even the most trivial update a major annoyance.

Of course, you could just decide it’s not worth the hassle, and use the development files on the live site; but then your visitors suffer because of the increased page weight.

SL Combinator puts an end to this frustration, making it easy to have your cake and eat it too — multiple separate JavaScript and CSS files for easy editing and debugging, zero time wasted combining and compressing files for use on the live site, and no hefty downloads for your visitors.

This is a truly excellent plugin and makes my life, as a developer, so much easier.

Ben Lilley

Thanks for a great extension, it’s made a huge difference to the download speeds on a site i’m working on. (Especially the CSS - 35k to 8k - Nice!)

Cormac Kelly

Stephen, thanks for this great add-on.

Lea Alcantara
Lealea Design

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