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System-wide message log, for use by ExpressionEngine add-on developers.

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Works on
1.5.0 (released 29th February, 2012)
1.4.1 (released 27th February, 2012)
  • Delete erroneous OmniLog entry from exp_actions table.
  • Delete legacy code responsible for the creation of said erroneous entry.
1.4.0 (released 27th February, 2012)
  • Add “filter by add-on / entry type” to main log view.
  • Remove deprecated EXT constant.
  • Update unit tests to work with Testee 2.x.
  • Auto-hide extended data in the Accessory, as per Erik’s request.
1.3.0 (released 18th November, 2011)
  • Implement pagination of log entries.
1.2.2 (released 19th September, 2011)
  • Implement optional “extended data”, to facilitate easier logging and display of large amounts of data.

Begrudging credit is due to Joel Bradbury for the original implementation of this feature. Sadly, the fact I was forced to spend several hours fixing his shoddy code means no further praise will be heaped upon his narrow shoulders.

I never have this problem with Low.

1.2.1 (released 1st September, 2011)
  • Fix bug with language strings in notification emails.
1.2.0 (released 28th August, 2011)
  • Implement basic “demo” page, to log test OmniLog messages.
  • Fix bug affecting custom notification email addresses.
1.1.1 (released 5th August, 2011)
  • Fix bug triggered when the accessory is loaded before the module is updated.
1.1.0 (released 5th August, 2011)
  • Implement ability to specify custom notification email addresses for each log entry, as required.
  • Improve the appearance of the log tables in both the module and the accessory.
  • Fix bug that could be triggered by calling the Omnilogger::log method when the OmniLog files are present in the third_party directory, but the add-on is not installed.
  • Fix log entry ordering bug.
1.0.1 (released 5th July, 2011)
  • Fix bug where the OmniLog model is not loaded correctly in EE 2.1.3.
1.0.0 (released 29th June, 2011)
  • Initial release.


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