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System-wide message log, for use by ExpressionEngine add-on developers.

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Record important events, ease debugging, and notify site administrators when a serious error occurs, all with a few lines of code.

The OmniLog log.

The OmniLog log.

OmniLog makes it easy to add message logging capabilities to your ExpressionEngine add-on. Implementation takes minutes, and once you’re done you can log notices, warnings, and errors with a single line of code.

Better yet, OmniLog ensures that important messages don’t go unnoticed, by emailing details of the log entry to the site administrator (at your discretion, of course).

This add-on rocks! Why didn’t someone come up with this a long time ago?

John Fuller

I wish OmniLog was available years ago - would have made logging a damn sight easier and lot more useful. A great tool!

Carl Crawley

#eecms add-on developers. Omnilog will make your life easier.

John Fuller

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