Experience Internet custom ExpressionEngine add-on development.

Take ExpressionEngine further. Our EE modules, extensions, and plugins are fully documented and tested, to make your life as an ExpressionEngine developer that little bit easier.

Campaigner (4.3.0)

Effortlessly subscribe members of your site to Campaign Monitor mailing lists.

DropDate (2.0.2)

Better date selection.

MailChimp Subscribe (2.0.4)

Automatically add new members to MailChimp mailing lists.

OmniLog (1.5.0)

System-wide message log, for use by ExpressionEngine add-on developers.

SmartDown (1.3.1)

Smarter Markdown.

Testee (2.1.1)

Enables unit testing and TDD for ExpressionEngine add-ons.

Usher (1.0.2)

Automatically send your site admins to any page within the Control Panel when they log in.

Looking for our ExpressionEngine 1 add-ons? They’ve found a new home on GitHub, replete with documentation.

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