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Introducing Add-on RSS Feeds

2nd March, 2012

Each of my add-ons now has its own changelog RSS feed.

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The Missing Multi-Language Lingua Franca

15th February, 2012

Multi-language support in ExpressionEngine has a long and inglorious history. For as long as I’ve been involved with the community there have been endless forum threads discussing the painful minutiae of implementing a multi-lingual site in ExpressionEngine, and questioning why life has to be this hard.

I’m a poor guide to the fetid backwaters of building a multi-language site with ExpressionEngine, but I do have a vested interest in the problem.

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How to Implement a Custom Extension Hook

19th January, 2012

Last time out, I talked about the value of adding custom extension hooks to your add-ons.

Shortly after publication, several people got in touch to rebuke me for not discussing how to add a custom extension hook to your add-on. Hopefully this post will fill in the blanks.

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The Add-on Developer’s Guide to Abdicating Responsibility

29th November, 2011

The ability to add custom extension hooks to your add-on is one of the most powerful features of ExpressionEngine. It is also woefully under-used by most add-on developers.

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SL Developer Info for ExpressionEngine 2

7th November, 2011

The venerable SL Developer Info has been updated by the venerable Marc Miller so it now plays nicely with the venerable ExpressionEngine 2. Also, today I learnt a new word.

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Interviewed at Meta Q

21st September, 2011

A few months ago, I received an email from Lindsay at Meta Q, asking if I’d be interested in answering a few questions for their ongoing series of interviews with people from the ExpressionEngine community. Today, said interview has finally been published.

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Introducing SmartDown 1.2

15th September, 2011

It’s not often that I decide an add-on point release warrants a blog post, but the latest version of SmartDown is a bit more than your typical array of minor bug fixes.

More flexible configuration options, new extension hooks, and a boatload of behind-the-scenes improvements mean that I can probably stretch this out to at least 200 words.

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So Long to ExpressionEngine 1

17th August, 2011

Today marks the official end of life for all my ExpressionEngine 1 add-ons. In practical terms, this means they will no longer be officially supported, and will receive no further updates.

In an attempt to make this bitter pill easier to swallow, BucketList (my sole commercial ExpressionEngine 1 add-on) is now free.

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Updates and Oddments

9th August, 2011

Regular readers of this site may be shocked to learn that I don’t consider everything I do worthy of a blog post.

Updates to existing add-ons rarely warrant more than a quick Tweet, and many code oddments don’t even make it that far, languishing unloved and unnoticed on my GitHub account.

This post summarises these recent side-shows, for those few misguided individuals not following me (or Experience) on Twitter, or monitoring my every commit on GitHub. If this inaugural effort is met with approval, I’ll publish a round-up post every few weeks or months, as appropriate.

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Introducing Usher

29th July, 2011

Late last night I quietly released Usher, a new ExpressionEngine 2 add-on. When a site administrator logs into the Control Panel, Usher redirects him to the CP page of your choosing, based on his Member Group.

I’ve been using Usher on various client sites for several months, and it has proven very useful in taking members directly to the area of the Control Panel that interests them most.

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